2022 MLB Sponsorship Impact Report

How does the MLB deliver value to its brand partners?

Our 2022 MLB Sponsorship Impact report takes a detailed look at the MLB's health as a sponsorship property, and whether or not partners are maximizing returns.

What's inside

We surveyed 1,000 US residents between the ages of 21 and 64 to understand how they feel about the MLB and its key sponsors, and whether or not sponsorship positively impacts engaged fans' purchase behavior.

Inside the report:

  • In-depth case studies across 10 MLB brands sponsors including DraftKings, Gatorade, Adobe, Hankook, Budweiser, and more.

  • Competitive benchmarking of MLB engagement against major sports properties.

  • Robust profiles of reached consumers and impact on brand sentiment among MLB-engaged consumers in the US.

  • Transparent measurement of unaided and aided awareness, brand equity, purchase consideration, and awareness sources across key MLB partners.

  • And much more!

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Compare and benchmark MLB partner outcomes across top US brands.

Brands included:

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