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How we simplify your sponsorship journey

One common currency

Measure thousands of properties across sport, music, entertainment, arts, and cause with one common currency: the consumer.

Global coverage

Speak the same language as your colleagues and partners around the globe with data covering 18 countries and more than 120 consumer profiles.

Credible, fresh data

Transparent and unbiased data that is refreshed monthly to keep a pulse on the industry.

Platform advantage

A convenient platform that gives you the insights you need right at your fingertips for a low monthly cost.

Our Data Views

Brand Data

Compare properties instantly across brand users and non-brand users.


Analyze Property

Quickly analyze a property to identify top category purchasers, demographics and digital behaviors across 125 unique filters.


Property Reports

Explore 2,000+ property reports to get all the key sponsorship metrics at your fingertips.


Compare Geographies

Compare a property’s key sponsorship metrics across up to 18 countries instantly.


Compare Properties

Compare key sponsorship metrics of up to 20 unique properties instantly across sport, music, entertainment and cause.

Get access to a free sponsorship opportunity report
Choose from 2000+ properties and get insights into the reach and potential impact.
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How our data simplifies decisions

Understand the sponsorship landscape

Identify property baselines, strengths, and opportunities for growth

Gain global and local perspective

Identify top properties for your target and category

Keep a pulse on up-and-coming properties with momentum

Diversify your sponsorship portfolio

Know your competition and how you stack up

Build tailored narratives for prospecting

Understand your opportunity areas and address them with partners

Gain a deeper perspective on the world of sponsorship

Leverage data and insight in your day-to-day discussions

Become an expert in the industry

Our Subscriptions


Take the SponsorPulse platform for a spin for free and see first-hand how the data will simplify sponsorship decisions.

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per month
$4,500 annually

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per month
$7,500 annually

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$14,100 annually

Unlimited users

All our plans come with

Property Reports
Instant individual reports on thousands of properties
Property Comparisons
Compare properties across sport, music, entertainment and cause
Geographic Comparisons
Compare properties across geographies from state / province to the country level
Category Purchaser Comparisons
Compare properties across consumers who have bought or intend to buy categories
Digital Behaviour Comparisons
Compare properties across digital behaviours including social, OTT and more
Brand Comparisons
Compare properties instantly across brand users and non-brand users.

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