Which NHL sponsors scored big during the 22/23 season?

Jessa Morris
  • May 8, 2023
  • Jessa Morris
Sponsors like Dunkin', Mass Mutual, Verizon and FanDuel pay big to partner with the NHL. Find out how the investment paid-off among consumers in our impact report.
The NHL is the 4th most popular professional sports league in the US, more than 93MM Americans having engaged with the league in the past year.

Although hockey isn’t America’s most popular sport, from 2019 to 2022, we've witnessed growing benefits for NHL partners. 

Fans of the league are more likely to reward brand sponsors that invest with the league vs pre-pandemic levels. Potential for sponsors to gain favorability, and drive purchase consideration, are both up +3% pts vs. 2019 levels.

In our NHL End of Season 2022-23 Sponsor Impact report, we measured the performance of current NHL partners using consumer sentiment as the gauge. Who better to ask than loyal hockey fans? 

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Who sponsors the NHL? 

The NHL rolled out a roster of 70 league partners in the ‘22/’23 season across global, North American and International markets, and cover nearly every purchase category under the sun from automotive, to home improvement. 

In our report we tracked sponsor performance across Global, North American and US-only markets, measuring the performance of the following sponsors; PepsiCo, Mass Mutual, Verizon, Honda, Discover, Geico, Dunkin’ FanDuel and Navy Federal Credit Union. 

A closer look: NHL fan demographics

Using the SponsorPulse insights platform, we did a little digging to better understand the NHL fan profile. Turns out, the audience is predominately early-adult males with families. 

Here’s the breakdown: 

  • 54% are male, among NHL engaged

  • 33% are female, among NHL engaged

  • Most popular among Americans ages 25-39

  • 54% of those most engaged make 100K or more.

  • 53% of engaged have kids in the household

  • Among those engaged, 84% play hockey themselves.

Sponsors making the most impact among fans

When it comes to sponsor awareness, NHL fans are taking note. In fact 6 of the 10 sponsors we measured achieved aided awareness among over 50% of fans.

Topping that list? A mix of short and long-term category partners have achieved break through with hockey fans, most of whom have been long-time partners of the league, including Verizon, Geico and Dunkin’.

Looking at impact, Dunkin' and Honda - both long-term sponsors with substantial activation - manage to drive material gains in brand favorability and purchase consideration. 

Want to see which other brands made the list? 

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