Level Up: How audience insights can supercharge your media buying strategy

SponsorPulse Staff
  • October 6, 2022
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Learn how you can fine-tune your media strategy when you leverage consumer insights. Cut costs, improve awareness & boost engagement by leveraging data.
Modern advertising is far from a shot in the dark. Everyday, top ad execs across the globe leverage data-driven solutions, like programmatic media buying, to fuel their persuasive fire. Programmatic media leverages algorithms and software to buy digital ad space and ensure ads get seen by the right people, making it an innovative solution for brands looking to capture support.

Pair programmatic efforts with consumer insights, and you’ve got yourself a powerful media buying strategy. Audience insights provide brands with a 360-degree view of the lives of their target audience. That information is then translated into campaigns that feature hyper-relevant creative and target consumers who are more likely to engage with a brand’s advertising. When brands focus their attention on consumer insights, they can cut costs, improve awareness and create compelling experiences for consumers. 

Here’s how audience insights empower brands to fine-tune their media buying strategy:

Anticipate Audience Preferences 

Every audience is unique. While NHL fans are primed to take in ads while watching Hockey Night in Canada, sustainable fashion lovers may be more susceptible to social media advertising. 

Understanding where your audience lives, and what type of content they prefer to engage with is a pivotal step in informing your media buying strategy. Developing this awareness ensures that you funnel marketing resources into the channels necessary to strengthen support for your brand.

Seize Valuable Opportunities 

“I was just in the right place at the right time.”

The happy coincidence. You’ve heard it before. In the ad world, however, capturing customers at the right moment is made possible by something larger than luck. Imagine a world where your ad was seen by your target customer, who was primed to purchase your product, at the exact second they would be willing to convert. Audience insights can get you there.

With the cookie retiring in the near future, targeting is poised to become more difficult. For companies looking to convert niche audiences, like WNBA fans who are in the market to purchase a vehicle, quality data sets provide the edge necessary to cut through the noise. 

Define your Target Market with The SponsorPulse Audience Network 

At SponsorPulse we do the heavy lifting for you. Launching soon, The SponsorPulse Audience Network enables marketers to get their message in front of the right target at the right time. Leveraging the breadth of the SponsorPulse data set, including more than 500,000 people across North America, we create seed audiences based on common passions for sport, entertainment and consumer behaviors that we extrapolate to a larger audience through predictive modeling.

Ready to dive in? Contact our sales team to get started defining your target market.