Bills vs. Browns: Driving emotional connection among fans

Adam Mitchell
  • January 11, 2021
  • Adam Mitchell
Using SponsorPulse™ data, we compared the emotional connection of Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns fans to their respective teams over the past 12 months.

Who woke up more excited about changing the course of National Football League (NFL) playoff history this morning, the Dawg Pound or Bills Mafia? Either way, we’re sure that fans of both the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns enjoyed celebrations of long overdue playoff victories for the first time in decades. A look at our data provides more color on the emotional connection of the fans to their teams.


- 53% of people in Ohio engage with the Browns on an annual basis, while 44% of people in New York engage with the Bills – a strong reach in both cases.
- Of those who engage with the Browns, 46% are excited about the team vs. 24% for those who engage with the Bills.
- Similarly, of those who engage with the Browns, 22% are passionate about the team vs. 12% of those who engage with the Bills.

We’ll see how deep these playoff runs go, and how they influence the emotional connection of fan groups among both teams!