WWE in the USA: We Analyze Current Strengths and Growth Opportunities

Jessa Morris
  • January 31, 2022
  • Jessa Morris
WWE viewership has been on the decline. Examining consumer data, we identify the top growth opportunities
WWE viewership has been on the decline. Examining consumer data, we identify the top growth opportunities.

It’s no secret the WWE’s ratings have been on the decline since their late ‘90s heyday.

The reasons why viewers have stopped watching range from it being too cartoonish to drab story lines. But ultimately fewer viewers have led to a drop in market cap, leaving the WWE no choice but to focus on higher-quality narratives to win back their former viewers.  

But where should they begin? Consumer data is a great place to get started for brands trying to understand their current strengths and growth opportunities.

Leveraging the SponsorPulse platform, we look at core demographic data to get a feel for where and with whom the WWE is driving engagement.  

Where are WWE consumers most engaged?

With the ability to drill down and compare by country, geographic specific region, or state, we can understand where customers are most engaged.

In the case of the WWE, we can see that it’s most popular in the Northeastern and Southern States, with both sitting at a 40% engagement rate.  

Understanding where consumers are most engaged helps identify areas of opportunity to host new events or activations.  


How does WWE resonate?

Looking more closely at demographic data, we can start to understand how the WWE resonates in the market and with who. Younger males seem to be the primary audience, revealing significant growth opportunities among the less engaged.


How is WWE gaining momentum?

Interestingly, a look at momentum reveals that some of the actions WWE has been taking are working to drive positive traction with the older, less engaged demographics.  

This hints that some of the action WWE is taking has worked to reach and engage new fans.