Trendspotting: Millennial Consumer Trends

SponsorPulse Staff
  • July 26, 2023
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Photo courtesy of Ellias Chebbi via Unsplash
Millennials reshaped consumer behavior in ways previously unimaginable. The group, who came of age in the midst of a global recession, have significantly different priorities than those that came before them. With rising costs of living that have priced many out of the traditional life milestones that their parents unlocked, millennials are forging their own path.

Trends say a lot about a generation, and like Gen Z, millennials are no strangers to cultivating new ones left and right. The cohort understands that their purchase power is influential among marketers and they’re not interested in the smoke and mirrors of traditional marketing. 

The long and short of it? Millennials ride for brands that are passionate about the causes they support.

Here’s how to reach Millennials through the causes they love in 2023

Sustainable Fashion

Millennials support brands that are open, honest, and accountable. They appreciate brands that are forthcoming about their supply chain, sustainability practices and ethical standards. In fact, they often conduct research on the brands they’re looking to buy from, to determine whether or not they deserve their business. Recent years have shown many brands, like sustainable apparel brand KOTN, working tirelessly on ESG reports, transparency marketing, and more.  

Insights Snapshot:

  • 53% of millennials in the US are engaging with recycling, 52% on a weekly basis

  • 46% engage with causes related to global warming

  • 43% engage with reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • 42% engage with the protection and conservation of freshwater

Health and Wellness

If there’s something millennials love, it’s health and wellness. #Selfcaresunday, anyone? While we’ve trended away from the health blogosphere boom of the early 2010s, millennials are tuning into their favorite biohacking podcasts on the regular. 

Interestingly, the generation places equal importance on mental and physical health—whether they’re subscribing to popular meditation apps (hey, Headspace!), or putting in the work at boutique fitness studios (we see you, Barrys).

Insights Snapshot:

  • 61.92M+ consumers engaged with the task force for global health

  • 46% engage with causes dedicated to mental health research and support

  • 52% engage with food banks and food security causes

  • 43% engage with youth physical activity and sport participation

Service-Based Companies

The millennial generation has shifted away from traditional ownership models and embraces a flexible and sustainable approach to consumption. They appreciate service-based companies that offer rental options for various products, from clothing and furniture to vehicles and electronics. Renting allows millennials to access and enjoy the benefits of these products without the long-term commitment or financial burden of ownership.

This trend aligns with their desire to invest in experiences over possessions—which serves their eco-conscious mindset further. By utilizing rental services, millennials can reduce waste and minimize their environmental footprint. They appreciate the convenience and affordability of renting, as it offers them the opportunity to access a wide range of items without the need for storage or maintenance.

Insights Snapshot:

  • 44% engage with reducing energy consumption

  • 44% engage with reducing air pollution and developing clean energy

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