The Ultimate Guide to Finding your Next Sponsorship Deal

SponsorPulse Staff
  • November 2, 2022
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Sponsorship deal guide
It’s no secret that sponsorship has taken the world by storm. What once was an industry relegated to big name athletes and large-scale events has gained rapid momentum in our hyper-connected digital world. Across a multitude of industries, the Sponsorship space is brimming with opportunity for brands seeking to capture widespread attention.

In our State of Sponsorship 2022 report, we found that across the globe, 1 in 2 consumers agree that sponsorship has a positive impact on brands involved. In fact, 70% of industry professionals believe that the industry is in a healthy state, with 76% being industry veterans with over 10 years of experience navigating the space. 

Fortunately, for those looking to get in on the action—sponsorship isn’t a shot in the dark. There’s a method to the magic. Still, 32% of sponsorship professionals agree that identifying the right property to sponsor is one of the biggest challenges for brands and 47% agree that understanding the competitive landscape is the biggest challenge for properties. 

At SponsorPulse, we set out to change that. We help you streamline sponsorship decisions with our robust database of consumer insights. Every step of the way, we enable you to ground your investment decisions in data, understand your competitive landscape, and optimize your portfolio. 

Here’s how to Find your Next Sponsorship Deal

Determine Property Health

When seeking properties to sponsor, it’s imperative that brands know what to look for. Let’s say you’re an athletic apparel brand interested in sponsoring a professional sports league. Before taking the plunge, you’ll need to determine which league will enable you to reach your category consumer.

Our Compare Property feature breaks down potential opportunities into key metrics that help you understand the engagement frequency, emotional connection, and potential impact that the leagues you’re interested in partnering with might provide. 


Filtering by purchase behavior, in this case, consumers who have purchased high-performance apparel, gives the apparel company an immediate understanding of the sponsorship opportunity that exists among specific sports teams.

Contextualize Target Opportunities

Every audience is unique and one size doesn’t always fit all. When it comes to sponsorship, brands must fine-tune their strategy to suit their specific audience. We enable sponsorship professionals to filter our dataset by demographic and purchase behavior, empowering them to formulate consumer-based valuations that align with their objectives.

In the case of the apparel company: Imagine they’re looking to target young females, aged 19-24, that recently visited a sporting goods store. Our data contextualizes how a partnership with a specific property might help them achieve this. 


By applying additional filters like age range, and gender and comparing the purchase behavior filters, the apparel company has an even better understanding of which properties can help them achieve their sponsorship goals and reach a targeted audience.

Project Reach Potential

Every lucrative sponsorship deal you see in the headlines wasn’t forged on wishful thinking. Before diving into a new opportunity, it’s important to test the waters first.

Our insights platform allows you to isolate potential deals for partnership performance and forecast potential reach, providing you with the information required to move forward confidently. 

How does this look in action? Let’s revisit the sports apparel brand. In order to develop a crystal clear strategy, the company could analyze our key consumer insights to predict potential partnership performance. Reach, brand awareness, favorability and purchase consideration are powerful metrics that will enable them to benchmark competition and determine which league sponsorship will deliver their target consumer on a silver platter. 

For more on calculating fair market value, check out our guide here.

Time for a Pulse Check?

At SponsorPulse, we empower you to make bold decisions that pay dividends. Each month, we sit down with your audience and analyze their passion points and purchase decisions, so that you don’t have to. The result? A platform of granular consumer insights that connects you to your customers like never before.

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