The Questions Behind Our Categories, Brands, and Digital Usage Filters

Adam Gareau
  • July 5, 2022
  • Adam Gareau
Throughout the SponsorPulse platform, you have the opportunity to explore sponsorship opportunities by a number of brand, category, and digital usage filters. Let’s get a bit closer to how these are generated from our research.


We know sponsorship stakeholders often need to ensure their supporting data reflects a sponsoring brand’s category customers. Locating and influencing consumers who are active in a category – whether investing in cryptocurrency or buying sports drinks – ensures business outcomes are achievable.

We split consumer categories into short-term and long-term categories depending on the typical purchase or usage cycle.

For fast-moving consumer goods/consumer packaged goods, consumables, and frequently visited retail establishments, we ask:

Which of the following have you done in the past three months?

Examples: purchased a soft drink, visited a home improvement retailer, taken public transit

For long-term decision making categories, we ask about the anticipated behavior in the next 18 months:

Which of the following are you likely to do in the next 18 months?

Examples: purchase or lease a new vehicle, get a mortgage, travel by airplane


Capturing brand behavior is a simple process of presenting our research participants with a randomized list of brands and asking whether or not they buy, use, or visit those brands.

Short term:

In the past three months have you purchased, visited or used …?
Examples: Kroger, Pepsi, Dove, Budweiser

Long term:

For the following brands listed below, which brands, if any, do you use?
Examples: VISA, Bank of America, T-Mobile, Honda

In our Compare Brands view, “Users” are defined as those who confirm they’re a customer or user of the brands via the above two questions. “Non-Users” are defined as those who are active in the brand’s category, but do not identify as a customer for that given brand.

Digital Usage

In addition to brand and category behavior, SponsorPulse’s data also allows you to view the potential of thousands of properties based on consumer’s digital behaviors. This includes the following questions, which look at everything from popular apps to social media platforms:

Which of the following social media platforms have you used in the past month? (Examples: Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Which of the following online streaming services (video or audio) have you used in the past month? (Examples: Netflix, DAZN, etc.)

Which of the following apps or digital services have you used in the past month? (Examples: Uber, Lyft, podcasts, etc.)