Spotlight on SponsorPulse: Your Go To For Sponsorship Intelligence

Adam Mitchell
  • January 1, 2020
  • Adam Mitchell
You’re planning a trip. Whether it’s Toledo, Tofino or Tibet, you check TripAdvisor, Yelp, Wikitravel, or Hopper and read reviews before booking your hotel, don’t you? Of course, we all do. Why? Because we want to make informed decisions and vet our ideas before we “sell” them to our family and friends. You search; you evaluate; you validate. This is exactly what SponsorPulse empowers you to do when it comes to sponsorship opportunities. We provide you with the intelligence you need to make informed, strategic decisions – instantly, from your smartphone or laptop. We’re there when you need to craft and deliver a compelling narrative. You’re the expert on your brand or property; we’re here to help you tell your story with impact.

Intelligence to Fuel Decisions: Do Not Compromise

You need valid data — and you need to access it now. There is no reason why speed and convenience should trump reliability or vice versa. You can have both: high-quality data delivered quickly, cost efficiently, and on your terms. SponsorPulse provides:

  • Data on 750+ properties across North America. We track, refresh, and add to this every month to ensure you have the most up-to-date data with which to identify and evaluate opportunities.

  • The ability to cut data points by geography on national/regional/state/provincial levels so you can create hyper-targeted local initiatives.

  • The ability to parse data by age, gender, or a combination of both.

  • Filtering by 57 category behaviors (e.g. purchased beer, rented vehicles, played video games, applied for a credit card) to enable you to see where the opportunities are among those who are purchasers or intenders in your category(ies).

  • Fresh insights collected from 4,200 people, aged 13-64, every month.

  • Approximately 44,000 total samples - and growing every month. .

  • If you need a data point and it’s not available, click “Request,” and SponsorPulse will fast track it for you. You need it; we’ll get it.

Millions of Data Points Distilled Into a Universal Currency

Worried about getting lost in the weeds? Trying to navigate millions of pieces of data is overwhelming and time-consuming.

We’ve distilled all of this data down into seven core property health metrics that we know matter to sponsorship decision makers. With these health metrics, you can quickly, easily, and intuitively access the data you need to make strategic decisions that drive your brand or property forward. You won’t get lost; in fact, you’ll get a full picture and clear map of the sponsorship landscape.

The Power of a Universal Currency

Since 1988, our parent company, IMI International, has collected and analyzed data, establishing us as an expert in sponsorship around the globe. We know that brand and property owners care about 4 things: data relevance, data transparency, accessibility of information, and flexibility.

This knowledge and experience has informed the way in which SponsorPulse has been designed:

1. Relevant and Compelling Data

Today, we serve up millions of data points on 750+ properties. We grade this data across seven key health metrics and summarize it into one universal currency - the Opportunity Score.


So that you can compare and evaluate more than just sports properties. One universal currency enables you to look at sponsorship opportunities for venues, festivals, award shows, community events, causes, leagues, and teams.

2. Transparency You Can Trust

When you walk into the boardroom, is everyone on the same page? Often, the answer is “no.” Property owners, brands, rightsholders, broadcasters, and other stakeholders come to the table with their own data, each of which is crafted into a different narrative.

When there is no universal currency, you have disparate, and often contradictory, data. There is no transparency as proprietary data tells its own story.

By standardizing the way we ask questions and using seven core health metrics across all properties, we get to the key insights you need to make informed sponsorship decisions. Our platform is open to all: properties, brands, and agencies can fact check and ensure every conversation starts from a place of mutual understanding.

3. Real Time Results, Ready When You Are

If there’s one commodity that is in high demand and short supply, it’s time. We’re all racing against the clock to answer the “small” questions — does our target audience care about Coachella? — to the “big” — where do we want to be five years from now?

We have developed a platform that is intuitive and easy to access 24/7. You can source the data point(s) you need for both short- and long-term decision-making in just a few clicks.

4. Speed & Flexibility

Gone are the days when you need to prepare a brief, issue an RFP, review responses, go through the procurement process, choose a vendor, and finally conduct research. This months-long process doesn’t work for today’s sponsorship decision makers, we know!

SponsorsPulse gives you the data you need. Now.

Further, it is priced to accommodate your needs. We offer different models, from quarterly subscriptions to pay-as-needed complementary insights. Your dollars will work harder, faster, and smarter for you.

So What?

In a few clicks on the SponsorPulse platform, you can log-in and see how 750+ properties stack up against one another. You can see where the biggest opportunities lie. Add another few clicks, to measure the opportunity size in terms of population.

Two or three more clicks and you can filter the data according to demographics (i.e. 19-34 year old males) or category behaviors (i.e. coffee drinkers, avid travelers). It’s all there for you.

If you’re building presentations or making the case to potential partners, you can quickly and intuitively access the data and insight you need to tell your story. And to tell it with impact.

With SponsorPulse at your fingertips, you can quickly identify opportunities, shore up decision-making, and forge ahead toward your destination with greater confidence — and significantly enhanced results.