Moving on Up: The Top 4 Sports Properties on the Rise

SponsorPulse Staff
  • August 30, 2022
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Leveraging our new Trending feature, we determine which sports properties have increased their opportunity score since 2018.
The ritual of a sports fan can be defined by one word: passion. From refusing to wear anything but their lucky jerseys to inviting friends over for watch parties that involve elaborate snack tables and beers on tap, the fervor that surrounds the sports industry is unmatched.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that brands align themselves with sports properties. The goodwill that people hold for specific leagues and teams goes the distance, making strategic and data-informed sports sponsorship decisions an undeniably safe bet. 

At SponsorPulse, we believe that transparency is the key for marketers to unlock powerful sponsorship opportunities that drive ROI. But before we dive into the top 4 properties on the rise, let’s unpack a critical metric that we leverage to predict what sports sponsorship opportunities are poised for success, and what ideas you can leave on the cutting room floor:

Opportunity Scores 101

The crown jewel of the SponsorPulse offering, an opportunity score is the overall property score we develop by synthesizing all the behavior, emotion and impact metrics we collect. This enables us to highlight the greatest sponsorship opportunities for our community.

Here are the Top 4 Properties on the Rise in the USA


The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an adrenaline-powered mixed martial arts league. Popularity for the sport has been steadily climbing, with expansion into new markets. Its Opportunity Score has jumped 5 points since 2018.


Champions League

Soccer’s most captivating annual event, The UEFA Champions League sees the top-division European clubs take to the pitch to compete for the ultimate title in their sport. With an Opportunity Score of 20, it's up 4 points since 2018.


NHL All-Star Game

Highly anticipated every year, The NHL All-Star Game brings together the league's top athletes for a night of high-octane puck. With an eye on the next generation of hockey greats, like Connor McDavid, SponsorPulse's Opportunity Score for the game is up 4 from 2018.



Germany’s shining star in sports, Bundesliga is a mega-popular soccer league that garners millions of viewers yearly. Soccer has been having a moment among US audiences, further proven by Bundesliga's Opportunity Score 4 increase from 2018.


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