Sponsorship News: May 2023 Edition

SponsorPulse Staff
  • June 1, 2023
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Get the latest insight on major sports sponsorship deals from Tottenham Hotspur naming rights, to NHL and NBA sponsor impact reports.
The NBA Championships and NHL Stanley Cup Finals are here, music festival season is in full swing, and summer sponsorships are heating up in this month's sponsorship roundup.

What's a stadium naming rights deal worth?

Are stadium naming rights in Europe trending to be of equal or greater value to those in the NA?

🤑The state-of-the-art Tottenham Hotpsur Stadium is looking for a naming partner at £25m/year, which would put it in the company of Crypto.com Arena, SoFi Stadium, Scotiabank Arena and other giants.

👕NA and Europe seem to be stealing from one another's commercial playbooks with pride - NA focused on apparel deals, while Europe on venue deals.

🏟Consumers tell us how important activation-based assets are to drive meaningful impact - naming rights alone won't do the trick.

SponsorPulse CEO, Adam Mitchell joined Richard Gillis of Unofficial Partner and Dan Gaunt of Turnstile to chat naming rights and whether this stadium is worth the price tag.

Check out Turnstile's valuation of the Stadium.

Growth of Women's Sports and the WNBA touches down in Canada

😍40% of consumers want more investment in women's sports - that's more than in any other sport vertical.

📈The % of North Americans who engage with the league is +10% since 2019 - the gap to men's pro sports is closing.

🌀With greater visibility, comes greater frequency. The % of consumers engaging with the league on a weekly basis is +6%.

😲That growth is coming from consumers seeking out content - not the limited broadcast exposure the league is receiving! The % of consumers who follow the league in the news, on social, or watch it online has doubled, while the % watching it on TV has stayed the same.

Consumers want more, so let's give them what they want!

Florida is loving NHL and NBA playoff season 

🔥The Florida sports market is red hot with the Miami Heat and Florida Panthers competing for glory.

Check out which brands won the sponsorship battle this season across the NHL and NBA

Start your engines

The Canadian Grand Prix is just over a month away 🏎

🏁More than 6.55MM Canadians have engaged with the race in the past year.

The Montreal Grand Prix offers an excellent avenue for brands to showcase and connect with this passionate audience.

Our blog breaks down how current F1 sponsors (like Subway🥪 and Heineken 🍺) are reaching target audiences.

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