SP Guest Insight: Analyzing St Louis City SC’s first sponsorship deal with Purina

Nicole Aquias
  • April 21, 2021
  • Nicole Aquias
Nicole Aquias discusses St Louis City SC's partnership with Purina and animal welfare as a sponsorship area in the USA.

Earlier this year, St. Louis City SC officially announced its first founding kit partnership with Nestle Purina PetCare as they join Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2023. Both female-led and originating from St. Louis, Missouri, the two partners share a community-focused vision embodying female empowerment, urban redevelopment, and greater connectivity with soccer fans and consumers alike. The new deal aims to add value for both parties as it combines the passions of soccer and animal welfare through an innovative partnership that will extend beyond the pitch.

Interesting and unique activation opportunities will prevail as the two partners work together to prepare for the team’s inaugural season in 2023. The deal includes Purina’s logo as the primary kit sponsor, as well as new fan experiences by incorporating a “pet- friendly” environment to future games and integrating pet events within matches.

This dynamic sponsorship presents a multitude of benefits for both organizations as it combines female empowerment, sheds light on animal welfare, and supports two locally developed organizations. More importantly, the deal highlights the importance of understanding target markets and creating partnerships with properties that align with consumers’ social interests.

Using SponsorPulse data, we see that animal welfare presents a tremendously viable area for brands to connect with American consumers through a major life passion point. With a SponsorPulse Opportunity Score (a universal, insight-driven currency that allows for measurement of comparison of different sponsorship properties) of 31, animal welfare is the #10 overall sponsorship opportunity in the USA. If we apply a demographic filter to the data and focus only on American females, animal welfare becomes the #3 sponsorship opportunity overall with a SponsorPulse Opportunity Score of 36. In fact, 39% of American females aged 13-64 have engaged with animal welfare at least once in the past year, and of that cohort, 45% are excited about the cause and 33% are passionate and have an emotional connection with it.


Consumer data and sponsorship intelligence provide insight into the new MLS partnership and illustrate that St. Louis City SC and Purina have both found a real sponsor-fit to add to their portfolios. This deal could entice other organizations that focus on pressing social matters to explore sport sponsorships in a new light as it provides an innovative means to connect with a consumer base otherwise untapped.

To learn more about animal welfare in the USA and other cause sponsorship opportunities across the globe, visit www.sponsorpulseimi.com!