Shedding light on the marketability of Nuit Blanche Toronto

SponsorPulse Staff
  • March 14, 2021
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Utilizing SponsorPulse data, we analyzed Nuit Blanche Toronto to identify its growth potential and recognize it as a legitimate sponsorship opportunity.

Nuit Blanche- translating to White Night - is an internationally recognized art festival that showcases hundreds of local artists’ work from sunset to sunrise. Celebrated in major cities across Canada, France, and Australia, the event highlights different art works throughout city buildings, landmarks and popular spots for locals to explore. From gallery exhibits to large contemporary sculptures, the night art festival has not only brought together local artists for one night, but also expanded its brand to redefine the power of art. Nuit Blanche Toronto specifically has worked with many notable local media sponsors and partners as they continue to develop their business initiatives through the help of the Ontario government, CityTV, OMNI Television, and Boom 97.3 radio station. Captivating the works and voices of artists, Nuit Blanche has transformed its vision by expanding their enterprise and successfully creating its own podcast that discusses Nuit Blanche’s history as well as vocalizing new concepts, inspirations and ideas from modern day creators.

As the festival adjoins many art enthusiasts, Nuit Blanche attracts over a million attendees annually, hinting at the value of opportunity for potential sponsors to consider. The property data found on SponsorPulse indicates the festival to have a 25% Engagement percentage in Ontario: defined as the percentage of people who have engaged at least once with the property over the past 12 months and demonstrating the overall reach that the property has in the Canadian province.


Taking a deeper look into the lifestyle celebration and filtering by the top digital usage  behaviours, SponsorPulse shows that Tidal, Vimeo, and Hulu are the highest ranking applications where Nuit Blanche performs best. These results are unsurprising as Nuit Blanche manages and navigates their work solely through online platforms for their podcast as well as their transformation of the most recent celebration to a virtual, COVID-friendly event.


Tidal - a music, podcast and video streaming service - is the top scoring digital platform with a SponsorPulse Opportunity Score of 44, which takes into account the 7 key metrics collected to measure sponsorship opportunities. The data shows a high Engagement level of 77% for Tidal users and Nuit Blanche, and of that group, 51% interact with the celebration on a weekly basis. This shows the frequent potential for brands to continuously intercept and add value as sponsors.

As Nuit Blanche continues to grow, it leverages the power of partnerships and paints a different picture of possibility for upcoming and niche art brands. Using SponsorPulse data, the platform sheds light on Nuit Blanche’s growing value and potential for businesses looking to make a connection with Ontarians through the celebration of art, music, and passion.

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