Podcast Sponsorship 101

SponsorPulse Staff
  • August 30, 2023
  • SponsorPulse Staff
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In the land of marketing, podcast sponsorship is a relatively new frontier. The podcast boom of the past decade has provided a fresh new avenue for brands looking to connect with increasingly niche target audiences.

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, savvy brands are capitalizing on this unique opportunity to establish their presence and foster long-lasting connections with their target consumers. Let’s dive into some of the lasting benefits of podcast sponsorship:

The Top 5 Benefits of Podcast Sponsorship

Unparalleled Audience Engagement

Podcasts have become a part of people's daily lives, offering a platform for intimate, unfiltered conversations and storytelling. Enter Ted Talks Daily, a podcast that brings together brilliant minds and captivating ideas. 

By sponsoring podcasts like Ted Talks Daily, the most popular podcast represented by SponsorPulse data, brands can tap into the deep levels of engagement that podcasts foster. With loyal listeners tuning in regularly (40% of US consumers have engaged in the past year, in this case!) brands have an opportunity to continually connect with their audience in a more personal and authentic manner.

Trust and Credibility

Consumer trust is a huge selling point for brands looking to sponsor a podcast. Massively popular podcasts, like the Joe Rogan Experience and Huberman Lab, have built sizable followings that trust what the host is saying. When a brand sponsors a podcast like the Joe Rogan Experience (hey, AG1!), it gains the benefit of the host's credibility, which can significantly impact the perception of the brand. In this case, 11% of engaged listeners state that they are more favorable toward brand sponsors of the show. 

Niche Reach

The beauty of podcasts is that they cater to various niche interests and demographics. Call her Daddy, a wildly popular sex and relationship podcast serves as a prime example of a show that resonates with a specific target demographic—millennial women, of which 44% are engaged weekly. By sponsoring podcasts that align with their target audience's interests (in this case, young and oft single millennial women), brands can ensure their message reaches the right people at the right time. 

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Podcast sponsorships allow brands to increase their visibility and awareness. This American Life, for instance, is a highly-acclaimed and widely recognized podcast that focuses on storytelling and real-life narratives. By having their brand mentioned, discussed, or featured within the podcast, companies can generate curiosity and intrigue among listeners, potentially driving them to explore the brand further. In fact, 9% of engaged listeners would consider purchasing a brand due to its sponsorship of the show 

For some lucky brands, their claim to fame is related to a sponsored podcast. Think: Serial Season 1’s iconic Mailchimp ad. Chances are, you first heard about brands like Blue Apron, Casper, or Squarespace while tuning into a new episode of your favorite podcast! This exposure can lead to increased website visits, social media engagement, and ultimately, conversions.

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