Our Insights Platform dashboard’s new look

Jessa Morris
  • April 4, 2023
  • Jessa Morris
We've refreshed our Insights Platform to make it easier for you uncover the most relevant data points for your business or use case. Learn more!
There is a lot of noise in the industry. Everyone wants access to insights, but sometimes knowing what to look for is the biggest barrier to getting started.

When we launched the SponsorPulse Insights Platform in 2019, our goal was to democratize insights, so that sponsorship professionals could simplify the decision-making process using real-time data. 

With simplicity in mind, we knew we needed to evolve our Insights Platform, making it easier to use and uncover the information you're looking for, rather than feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to get started. 

Today, we’re excited to unveil our redesigned experience, which has been reimagined to help you, our users, uncover the most relevant data points for your business or use case. 

What to expect from the new dashboard

Our new experience features a personalized dashboard that’s unique to your goals. When you log in, you’ll see content that’s tailored to you, your organization, and your target audience based on the answers you provided when you created your account. 

We’re also making it easier for you to uncover the insights you're looking for based on your property type, consumer segment, or use case. 

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Key features

The Pulse: Explore industry trends and insights including exclusive content available only to our Insights Platform community. 

Polls: Weigh in on some of the biggest questions in sponsorship, and instantly see how your opinion compares to those of your industry peers. 

Recommended insights: Get personalized report recommendations based on your organization type, passion point, country, demographic segments, category customers, and more. 

Top searches & trends: Check out our latest industry survey results, impact reports, and consumer trends data. 

Latest reports: Get access to all of our sponsorship impact and industry reports in one place. 

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Insights Platform Overview

How to get started with the new dashboard

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Navigating SponsorPulse Reports

Check out the new dashboard now!

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