Opportunity Score

Adam Gareau
  • March 1, 2022
  • Adam Gareau
The seven metrics we measure for thousands of properties combine into one number – a common currency or a comprehensive ranking – that we call Opportunity Score.

What is SponsorPulse's Opportunity Score?

  • It's a common currency & comparison metric across sports, entertainment, lifestyle, music, and cause properties

  • A helpful shortcut to navigate our data – with all seven of our metrics factored into its calculation, the Opportunity Score provides a simplified view of the marketplace and head-to-head comparisons

  • A quick way to explore the power of properties across our platform, without having to per-determine a desired metric

While all seven of our metrics influence the Opportunity Score calculation, the output places a greater emphasis on property reach and frequency (engagement, intensity and momentum) and an equal emphasis on property emotion (passion / excitement) and potential impact (purchase consideration / favorability). Ultimately, the property needs to reach people to offer a significant opportunity for sponsors – that’s why we emphasize reach and frequency.