NFL fan demographics: Who are football's biggest fans?

Jessa Morris
  • February 24, 2023
  • Jessa Morris
Find out everything you need to know about NFL fans in the USA, and learn how you can better connect with them through sponsorship.
The NFL is the top league in the USA.

That’s not only true in terms of sheer numbers of engagement but also true when it comes to sponsorship revenue, which hit $1.88 billion this year, a 4% increase year-over-year.

Brands pay big to partner with the NFL. And since we’re in the business of measuring sponsorship impact, we want to know whether those investments are paying off. 

We start by leveraging consumer data to understand the hearts and minds of consumers to measure which brands are breaking through NFL fans. 

Keep reading to learn more about NFL fans in the United States.

The NFL is the most popular league in the USA

Within our database, the NFL presents the number 1 opportunity compared against all other sponsorable properties spanning sport, entertainment, music, and cause. 

More than 137MM Americans between 13-64 years old have engaged with the NFL in the past 12 months. Of those engaged Americans, 58% engage on a weekly basis or more. 

Football fans in America also have a strong emotional connection. 54% of engaged fans are excited about it, and 28% are passionate about it. 

The property’s potential sponsor impact is strong too, with 22% of engaged fans stating they’re more likely to purchase a brand due to its partnership with the NFL, and 19% agreeing they will be more favorable toward a brand due to its partnership. 

What’s more, general engagement with the NFL is trending upwards in 2022 after observable dips in 2020 and 2021. 

A closer look at NFL fans

So we know that NFL fans are dialed in, but who exactly are these fervent fans? 

Fans engaged with the most intensity skew older and male. Of the 58% of Americans that do engage on a weekly basis, 73% are Male, aged 50+. 

The league is more popular among affluent Americans, 70% of NFL-engaged US residents have a household income of $100K or more. 

And although purchase consideration is highest among the same group of 50+ Males, at 27%, Americans with a household income of $50K or less are almost equally impacted. 25% who earn under $50K agree that they would consider purchasing a brand based on its sponsorship of the NFL.

Here’s a full demographic breakdown of NFL-engaged fans in America: 

  • 70% of American males engage with the NFL

  • 53% of American females engage with the NFL

  • 64% are aged 25-39

  • 70% have a household income over $100,000/per year

  • 62% are born in the USA

  • 69% have kids in the household

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