NCAA March Madness: Moving on Up

Jessa Morris
  • April 11, 2023
  • Jessa Morris
NCAA March Madness Men's Basketball Final
The NCAA ranks 12th among more than 400 sport and entertainment properties in our database and 24% of those engaged have growing interest in the property.

In our latest Impact Report, we surveyed Americans ages 18-64 who engaged with the 2023 March Madness Men’s and Women’s Tournaments to find out which sponsors were top of mind.

Here are the top takeaways:

The tournament reaches far and wide.

Over 99MM+ Americans aged 13-64 engaged with March Madness in the past year. That's equivalent to 46% of US residents, and ahead of other sporting events and leagues including the US Open, The National Hockey League, and NASCAR.

Momentum continues to grow.

Ranking #12 out of more than 400 sport and entertainment properties, March Madness is poised for continued growth over the next year. Among those engaged with March Madness, 24% state that their interest is growing in the property.

3 brands dominate aided awareness.

Whether fans tuned into the Men’s or Women’s tournament, all 6 sponsors we measured were well ahead of average awareness. The top 3 brands that came to mind were Coca-Cola, Capital One, and AT&T. 

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