How We Collect Our Data, Who It Represents, and How We Ensure Accuracy

Adam Gareau
  • February 1, 2022
  • Adam Gareau
Every month, thousands of opted-in consumers across the globe take an online survey that fuels the SponsorPulse platform. Through our panel partner Dynata, we’re able to gather monthly insight from a pool of 70 million real consumers, while respecting their privacy.

We survey ages 13* to 64 with representation according to the statistics that define each market’s ‘general population’ – that is proportional representation by age, gender, income, and geography.

In emerging markets with lower internet penetration, we adjust our findings to better represent the reality that our online surveys cannot reflect the full breadth of the consumer base. In more established markets, the surveying represents a close mirror to the attitudes of the true general population, and our methodology and sources match those of major organizations that trust these research tools for political and marketing decision making.

We have rigorous quality control processes, at par or above market research industry standards, including:

  • Exclusion periods (a period of time in which the same person cannot repeat the survey)

  • Engagement monitoring & cleaning (removal of respondents who are not engaged, answering credibly, or taking sufficient time to respond)

  • Survey satisfaction & incentive monitoring to ensure we continue to deliver motivated, genuine responses

We’re fortunate that the subject matter of our research – sports, entertainment, etc. – is often a passion point for consumers! Nevertheless, they are rewarded for their participation in payment, loyalty points, gift cards, etc.

* The only exceptions to this age range is: 1) in some countries, surveying below the age of 16 or 18 is not permissible and 2) certain questions – like those about alcohol or cannabis – are not shown to respondents below the legal age limit in their region.