A WNBA Demographic Deep Dive: A Sponsorship Slam-Dunk

SponsorPulse Staff
  • September 8, 2023
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Image courtesy of Danny Lined via Unsplash
Times are truly changing. Today, the world of women's sports competes on par with and sometimes even beats out some of the most known properties in men’s sports.

For example, the FIFA Women's World Cup, the WNBA, and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) stand tall in the marketability ranks alongside heavyweights like the PGA Tour, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Formula 1, and even the Rose Bowl.

Today, we want to showcase to brands and sponsorship managers searching for the ideal sponsorship avenue to reach your target audience; the WNBA may be your answer. 

Looking at the numbers will help us discover why the WNBA is the USA's fastest-growing women's sports property and a goldmine of engagement waiting for your brand to tie its shoes and join them in the sponsorship court.

A Remarkable Surge in Engagement

For the last five years, the WNBA has been a front-runner and a leader in engagement growth.

According to SponsorPulse's data, the WNBA's engagement skyrocketed by 10% in 2022 compared to 2019. 

While other women's sports properties such as LPGA, WTA, and IIHF Women's Hockey Championship have also shown solid engagement growth rates of 9%, 6%, and 9%, respectively, the WNBA has consistently outperformed them with steady increases over the last four years. 

Women's Sports Engagement

Not only has women’s basketball proven growth strength over the last few years, but it’s now one of the most engaging properties too, as the WNBA (36%) only trails the WTA - Women's Tennis Association (37%) in Engagement for women’s sports, per SponsorPulse’s data.

Cracking the WNBA Fan Base Code

Data from the SponsorPulse platform reveals fascinating insights into the demographics that compose the vibrant WNBA fan community. 

As it turns out — there might not be a better place to look for a tech-savvy and socially connected audience than the WNBA.

Users from OTT and streaming platforms such as Fox Deportes and DAZN boast an impressive 81% engagement rate, revealing a strong link between these platforms and the league's followers.

But there's more – the WNBA's fanbase is a diverse blend. 

Have you ever heard of Tidal, the music platform? 

Well, fans who frequent this digital hotspot exhibit an astonishing 76% engagement with the WNBA – indicating a powerful appeal to a younger and digitally inclined demographic.

Understanding Age and Gender Dynamics for WNBA

SponsorPulse's data shows that the league resonates most strongly with males aged 25 to 39, boasting an impressive 52% engagement rate, followed by males aged 19 to 24 at 48%.

These insights suggest women's sports are top of mind of a vibrant, forward-thinking fanbase that transcends age and gender barriers, offering an exceptional chance for precisely targeted brand exposure.

Unveiling the Power of WNBA Sponsorship

Through a diverse demographic with high growth, the WNBA has the potential to become an engagement powerhouse in media and entertainment in the next decade — and the numbers back it up.

Per SponsorPulse’s latest Women's Sports Report, the WNBA engages over 73 million US consumers annually, and over 28 million engage weekly, offering a massive reach and strong frequency that can effectively resonate with fans.

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The kicker?

A staggering 8 million individuals have expressed that they're more inclined to purchase products and services from brands that sponsor the WNBA. 

That's the power of connection and resonance that this league brings.

Beating The Buzzer With WNBA

Brands and sponsorship managers — this is your moment to consider the fit of the WNBA, step onto the court, and join a passionate and engaged community to connect with your brand.

The WNBA isn't just a fast-growing sports entity – it's your gateway to impactful and engaging sponsorship opportunities. 

With a young, diverse, and digitally-driven fanbase, the WNBA opens doors to meaningful connections beyond sports.

Ready to seize the opportunity?

Take your first step by delving into the insights of the exclusive Women's Sports & the Future of Sponsorship report by SponsorPulse.

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