6 Sponsorship renewal red flags, and how to avoid them

SponsorPulse Staff
  • May 31, 2023
  • SponsorPulse Staff
To make sure your renewal negotiation is a breeze, we break down the top 6 renewal red flags and how you can address them.
Oh, renewal season! Sponsorship marketers understand the importance of investment ROI, and renewal season provides the perfect opportunity to both strengthen existing partnerships, or call out areas of misalignment and poor performance.

If the writing is on the wall, you’ve got to know when to walk. Yet, deciphering sponsorship metrics can be complicated without the right tools in your belt.

The Top 6 Renewal Red Flags, and how to Avoid them

Same Assets Offered Year over Year

Is your sponsorship partner offering the same assets year over year? In the absence of innovative opportunities, sponsorships may become stale—resulting in an audience engagement drop and ROI. Our pportunity valuation tool provides properties with up-to-date asset mixes that are both quantifiable and simple to package. From another perspective, we help brands build deals around the proper assets to ensure they are maximizing the impact of their campaigns with effective assets. 

Ignoring Evolving Audience Segments

In this world, one thing is constant: People change. Effective sponsorship marketers understand this, and make investment decisions that account for shifting and evolving audience segments. At SponsorPulse, our Insights Platform enables marketers to anchor big ticket decisions in data with instant opportunity sizing and targeted narratives to ensure no stone is ever left unturned.

Impact Demonstrated through Biased Data

The MVP? Or not the MVP? That is the question. There’s a healthy skepticism that sponsorship marketers must cultivate in order to rise above sales-y tactics and pulse check their investment performance. If you’ve found yourself questioning the efficacy of your investments in the face of positive data, our impact reports can help. Designed to help marketers determine if their sponsorships make the grade, our impact reports allow you benchmark performance with objective data that highlights the true impact of your investments.

 Underutilized Media Banks

While media banks can provide valuable flexibility, the main drawback lies in their underutilization. Furthermore, media effectiveness relies on your partner's ability to reach the category customer most likely to convert. Our Audience Network arms sponsors with pre-test concepts and activations to maximize impact and drive performance, every time.

Annual Escalators without Performance Commitments

Simply put: If you’re committing to annual fee escalators, you want to secure annual performance commitments to justify the expense. Our opportunity value tool empowers brands to develop deal structures that guarantee access to top assets that drive ROI, while ensuring your deal is based upon fair market value. 

Lack of Reporting and Insights 

Determining the health of your sponsorships is critical ahead of renewal season. A partner that provides a black box in place of meaningful reporting and insights is a crimson flag blowing in the wind. With SponsorPulse Impact Reports, marketers receive a clear picture of their investment, enabling them to head into renewal season with the facts necessary to make informed decisions that drive success. 

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