3 Ways to Leverage Consumer Insights in Sponsorship

SponsorPulse Staff
  • May 12, 2022
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Learn about the key metrics we measure to understand consumer behavior and how you can apply insight to your sponsorship strategy.

A marketer's job is as simple and as complicated as their primary task: To get inside the minds of others. By accurately determining the inner motivations of their target audience, brands are able to produce powerful sponsorship opportunities that propel them ahead of the pack. 

But how exactly does one become a mind reader? Consumer marketing insights might just be the answer. Here are 3 powerful ways to leverage consumer behavior insights in sponsorship:

Crunch the Numbers

Determining the preferences and behaviors of your target audience doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. At SponsorPulse, our platform has over 19M+ monthly consumer data points that empower brands to take a closer look at their customers.

Among our key metrics, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Engagement: % of people who have engaged with the property over the past 12 months.

  • Intensity: % of people who engage with the property on a weekly basis, among engaged.

  • Momentum: % of people who expect their interest in the property to grow over the next 12 months, among engaged.

  • Excitement: % of people who are excited about this property, among engaged.

  • Passion: % of people who have a strong emotional connection to the property, among engaged.

  • Purchase Consideration: % of people who are more likely to purchase a brand due to its sponsorship of this property, among engaged.

  • Favorability: % of people who will be more favorable toward a brand due to its sponsorship of this property, among engaged.

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Using these powerful metrics, brands can cross-reference and filter by demographics, category purchasers, digital usage, and more – leading to the development of a crystal clear portrait of their audience.  

Hone in on Digital Touchpoints 

Society has undergone a radical shift away from the bygone era when an entire country would tune into one television network to watch the same program each night. In this age of mass media and endless communication channels, there are a variety of digital touchpoints that brands can harness to reach niche consumers.

Analyzing your target audience’s digital usage, also known as the platforms and mediums they engage with digitally, is an excellent strategy for determining what sponsorship opportunities will influence them. 

For instance, a company looking to brand itself as a sustainable alternative to its competitors can leverage our data to make an informed decision about how to do so. In this case, exploring a sponsorship opportunity in the podcast space would be beneficial, as recycling boasts high engagement and intensity among people who tune into podcasts, at 67% and 57% respectively.


Determine Effective Positioning

Every brand belongs to a certain industry. From alcohol to crypto, to apparel and beyond, SponsorPulse offers consumer insights that empower brands with the data necessary to make informed and confident sponsorship decisions. One of the top metrics brands can use to cross-reference the impact a property sponsorship will have on their industry’s consumers? Category purchasers a.k.a. people who have purchased an item within a specific category in the last 3 months, or intend to purchase in the next 18 months.

Sticking with the sustainability theme, let’s imagine that the brand from our previous example is a personal care product that is interested in environmental stewardship. Our data shows that 46% of those engaged in recycling in the past year have purchased a personal care product in the last 3 months. Additionally, 46% are excited about recycling, too! 


By harnessing our data, the brand can be confident that leaning into their sustainability efforts by, for example, opting to switch to plastic-free packaging, will have a positive impact on their revenue, as they’ve confirmed demand is there to support their investment. 

When it comes to marketing, brands want to ensure their efforts are precise, impactful and ultimately, profitable. At SponsorPulse, we provide users instant access to millions of granular data points to support your sponsorship planning and decision-making. Take a tour today!