SP Guest Insight: Assessing the impact of Toronto Maple Leafs’ sponsored social content

Nicole Aquias
  • April 13, 2021
  • Nicole Aquias
With a strong social media presence, the Toronto Maple Leaf's strategically integrate compelling sponsored content that satisfies their sponsors.
With a strong social media presence, the Toronto Maple Leafs strategically integrate compelling sponsored content that satisfies their sponsors while being a factor of influence to their fan’s consumer behaviours.

Living in the digital era, the impact of social media has quickly developed to affect consumer decisions and behaviours. By its growing influence, consumers seem dependent on the online content they receive as it has transformed how they communicate and connect with the world. Social media has ultimately shifted the means of marketing in the industry today.

Analyzing one of the most popular sport teams in Canada, the Toronto Maple Leafs have successfully managed their social media platforms to generate eye-catching content encompassing their players, fan support, and game highlights. Maintaining their social media presence by actively posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the team has built a strong and effective social media identity. SponsorPulse data echoes this statement, indicating high engagement levels for Maple Leafs fans across the three social media platforms. We can see that 61% Canadians on Instagram have engaged with the Toronto Maple Leafs at least once in the past 12 months, as well as 65% of Twitter users and 58% of Facebook users.


The Toronto Maple Leafs strategically activate their partnerships through easily digestible content that their followers can like and share with their own networks. The logos of some partners (e.g. Molson Canadian, LG Canada, Gatorade and Rogers) can be seen on numerous social media posts which have received positive interaction from fans.

The sponsorships advertised on the Leafs’ social media channels can positively affect the affinity of their fans towards the brands that they partner with. Social media activations can often be effective if done correctly, and the MLSE staff does a great job at generating entertaining, informative content that satisfies sponsor needs.

To learn more about digital usage behaviours of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ fans, visit www.sponsorpulse.com!