November 6, 2020

Eddy Sidani

Content Marketing Specialist, SponsorPulse

Summerfest & Harley-Davidson end multi-year stage naming rights deal

With the recent news of Summerfest and Harley-Davidson parting ways, we took the opportunity to utilize our data and generate a list of the top purchasing categories that would benefit from a potential partnership with the Milwaukee-based event.

Milwaukee World Festival Inc. recently parted ways with long-term Summerfest sponsor, Harley-Davidson Motor Company. The two-decade long partner held naming rights to one of the largest stages at the Milwaukee-based music festival, with a capacity of around 11,000 people. The internationally recognized event is looking to announce a new stage sponsor for 2021.

Utilizing our Opportunity Score, we were able to identify the top 5 purchasing categories (out of 60+) that would stand to gain the most from a partnership with the World’s Largest Festival.

1) Online ticket sales / distribution (55)
2) Fantasy / gaming website (47)
3) Delivery service (45)
4) Cryptocurrency (42)
5) Banking institution (40)

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Summerfest & Harley-Davidson end multi-year stage naming rights deal

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