February 1, 2022

Jessa Morris

SEO & Content Manager, SponsorPulse

Top sponsorship prospects for the NHL (plus how you can create your own list in minutes)

Find out which brands are best suited to drive favorability through a deal with the NHL. Plus, find out how you can build your own prospect list in minutes.

The reason most brands get into sponsorship is to drive favorability.  

Crafting a more relevant story can help you cut through the noise and solidify you as a top partner.  

But most prospecting tools fall short. They fail to provide the data you need to tell a compelling story that sets you apart from the competition. Doing some homework can go a long way, helping you make sure you’re connecting with the right people so you can turn a cold email into a warm lead.  

In this case study, we show you how to leverage SponsorPulse to build a high-converting prospect list based on data.  

Understanding which category sponsors are driving favorability  

We got started by analyzing the NHL in the United States. Layering in consumer segment filters for category purchasers and digital behavior shows us the top category sponsors based on NHL fan engagement.  

In this example, sports betting rises to the top of the list, and it’s a category we’ve seen get active quickly. Most notably demonstrated by the NHL’s deal with PointsBet in February 2021.

Other more traditional categories (like automotive, beer brands and sportswear) round out the top 5 likely to generate favorability gains through a deal with the NHL.

Uncovering the top brands to drive favorability  

Next, we drill into top brands by applying brand usage filters.

Interestingly, when we look at the top brands, beer and automotive make the top 5 proving consistent, whereas Axe and EA Sports identify themselves as other major opportunities for partnership.

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Top sponsorship prospects for the NHL (plus how you can create your own list in minutes)

Build your own list in under a minute

It really is as simple as that. Leveraging SponsorPulse, you too can build a data-driven prospect list in a little as 45 seconds.  

Ready to start building your own top prospects list? Sign-up for a free Sponsor Pulse trial today.

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